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The Different Features You Need To Consider When Buying An Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have changed over the past few years and while the typical purpose of an air conditioner is to cool the air, many have more features offering various alternate services.  This article will point out the different features that need to be examined when purchasing the ideal air conditioner.  It should be noted that there are numerous decisions to be made when choosing an AC; therefore, this article is only part 1 of 2 on air conditioner features and how to purchase an air conditioner.

•    The Chassis Type

If you are looking to purchase a room air conditioner unit, it is important to note that the room units present with two chassis types: the fixed chassis and the slide-out chassis.

The fixed chassis is the currently the most popular design.  This may be due to the fact that this type is lighter than the slide-out chassis and can be installed and removed seasonally.  The fixed chassis is generally used for window air conditioning services.

A slide-out chassis option is most often found on the through-the-wall units and will operate via a wall sleeve; however, it can also be used as part of window AC applications.  This type of chassis is beneficial in that replacement of the window air conditioner is easier to complete, and maintenance is easier to perform.

•    The BTU Output

The BTU output refers to the air conditioners cooling capacity.  The amount of BTU output selected is a crucial component as it must be in balance of the room to ensure the AC operates at optimal performance.  A unit will too great a BTU output will not dehumidify correctly; conversely, an underpowered device will struggle to perform the air conditioning job.

The majority of units will provide information on the BTU output and the square footage the device is able to adequately handle.  The typical data will present with 1,000-2,000 BTUs to ensure the profit for an AC company brand without being underpowered.  To identify the correct size air conditioner, it is important to take these considerations into account.  Further details on BTU output can be seen in Part 2 of this article series.

•    Energy Star Rating

It is essential that all air conditioning units must be at least 10% more energy-efficient than the minimum federal government regulations.  By meeting this level of energy efficiency, the AC unit will be eligible for certification.  When operating at smaller cooling capacities - for example, BTU outputs of 5,000-6,000 - the impact is not large and there is no influence on the upfront premium paid versus the continuous operating cost.  This means it will save money when operating at large cooling capacities.

•    The Device Warranty

One of the most basic air conditioner features to consider when purchasing an AC unit is the device warranty.  The basic theory in this situation is that a unit without a warranty may not be beneficial or efficient.  A manufacturer who is not willing to back their product will not present confidence in the item, so why should you purchase it?  When buying an AC, it is recommended that you seek out a minimum of one-year full warranty including labor and parts.

•    Adjustable Or Oscillating Louvers

The adjustable or oscillating louvers are parts of an air conditioner that will assist in directing the air from the device through the room.  The louvers are helpful in that they can actively distribute the air evenly throughout the space.  It is important to remember that all window air conditioners are more effective at directing air to one side compared to the other.  Keep this in mind when considering the placement and purchase of the AC unit.

•    Altering Fan Speed

It is highly recommended that you seek out air conditioners that present with a minimum of three fan speed settings.  An adjustable fan will help distribute air at a certain speed, control the noise levels, and maintain system efficiencies.

•    Digital Display And Electric Controls

The digital display and electric controls are useful as they provide assistance in finding a comfort zone within a one degree range.  If the AC presents with electronic controls, you should opt for a remote controlled unit.  This allows you to control the AC from any location and allows you to manage the different features as a mobile feature.

•    The 24-hour Time

Certain air conditioners will offer a 12-hour timer, but this is the minimum timer feature and has become somewhat outdated.  It is absurd to consider the AC to operate according to a 12-hour timer as it will operate only when you are at home.  The peak performance and efficiencies are only operative at a specific time and this can be a costly problem in the long-term.

•    Air Purifiers And Filters

It is pointless to purchase air conditioning units presenting with filters that are difficult to remove because you will not be able to clean them, or will feel frustrated and will avoid cleaning them.  A clean filter is essential for peak performance; therefore, it is recommended that you opt for the washable filter option instead of the replaceable ones.

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